How to Replace a Rear View Mirror?

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Many vehicles have rear view mirrors that are mounted onto the windshield by a strong adhesive. However, this type of glue can fail if it gets too hot, becomes brittle, or gets damaged by moisture. In these cases, the glue will come off and the mirror will fall off. This is why it is important to install the mirror correctly.

If you need to replace a rear view mirror, you will need to remove the old one first. Depending on the manufacturer, you may be able to purchase a kit that contains all the necessary tools and cleaning supplies to do the job. These kits typically cost less than $10 and include the adhesive, a metal piece, and a window cleaner. A few kits also contain an additional razor blade.

Removing your rear view mirror can be a tricky process. You will need to disconnect the battery, remove the wiring harness, and loosen the screws in order to get it off the bracket. Also, be sure to have a friend or family member available to help you out.

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Luckily, installing a new mirror is also a relatively simple procedure. It is recommended that you do it in a garage with a moderate temperature. Otherwise, you may end up breaking the glass.

After you remove the old mirror, you will need to clean the mounting plate. Then, you will need to apply the adhesive that came with the kit. Several products recommend waiting fifteen to thirty minutes for the glue to set. If you have a heat gun, you can use it to soften the adhesive on the windshield.

Before you begin, you will need to mark the location of your mirror on the outside of the windshield. Use a permanent marker or a grease pencil to mark the location. Alternatively, you can write a note on a sticky pad. You may also want to use your fingerprints to help you locate the correct position.

After you have removed the old mirror, you will need to clean off any remaining adhesive. A razor blade can be used to scrape off the residue. Depending on the adhesive, you may need to wait several hours to fully cure.

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To attach the new mirror, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some car manufacturers use a special adhesive that does not melt away. Other brands have a metal piece that you must position correctly on the glass.

If you are replacing an electronic rear view mirror, you will need to disconnect the wires from the mirror. In some cases, you will need to reconnect the wires. When you are done, be sure to check the connection.

Once you are ready to install the new mirror, you will need to clean the backside of the bracket and the inside of the windshield. You will also need to clean your hands.

If your mirror is still not working, you should have an auto mechanic take a look at it. However, you can try adjusting the mirror to the desired position. For example, if you are short or tall, you might want to adjust the position to get the best visibility.

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